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Tools of the Trade

Published on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tools of the Trade

Convert Kit and NutCache: Essential Marketing and Invoicing Tools

One of the things that all professional speakers who have made it swear by, is that you need to build up lists of potential clients. And that you can never start too soon!

Having a list of subscribers who follow you is crucial for when you want to start organising your own conferences, seminars, selling books etc... This is because you now have the direct "ear" of all your potential clients.

One crucial element of getting people to spend their hard earned money on you is trust. No trust = no money!

Having a list of clients with whom you can gradually build up a relationship of trust with is essential to the success of any professional speaker.

One of the top tools that will help you do just that is "ConvertKit".

 ConvertKit is an online platform that allows you to create a subscriber list on your blog or website that potential clients can use to add themselves to your client list. The advantage of clients adding themselves is that you will not be accused of "spamming" people.

ConvertKit has the ability to give you statistics concerning when people signed up, how effective your campaigns to sign people up are and the path/links they used to eventually get to your online form.

Another powerful feature of ConvertKit lies in the fact that it allows you to create automated emails that it sends out to your subscribers in predefined intervals. You can for example have a setup where once a person signs up they get an email greeting them, and then 3 days later another email to follow up them, and then maybe a week later another email that introduces your services to them. Convertkit will do this for you automatically once you have set it up. 

So how does one go about making use of ConvertKit

  1. You must already have a website with a blog that is yours. You must have at least one blog post that already exists on your blog (The more the merrier!).
  2. Create an account for yourself on the ConvertKit website
  3. You will have to add a debit card to your account on ConvertKit. It is not necessary to have a Credit Card. Any modern debit card will do.
  4. ConvertKit will debit $US29 from your card. This the monthly fee if you have 1000 or less subscribers.
  5. You will have to ask ConvertKit to approve your account. This will be done by them visiting your blog and seeing what it is that you blog about. If they feel that your blog is not constructive or worthy, they will not approve your account. The approval process takes about 3-7 days.
  6. Once your account has been approved you may now start using ConvertKit to attract subscribers.

Please use the link below to watch a video tutorial of how ConvertKit Works.

The next important tool that will need is one that allows you to create and send quotes and invoices to clients. One of the most frustrating things that you can go through is trying to use, create, update and keep track of invoices created in MS Excel. There is just too much manual labor and adminstration required when you use spreadsheets.

So what are your options then? There are many accounting/invoicing websites out there that claim to be free, but in reality will only allow you to send a limited number of invoices, or use the website for certain number of days before it stops working unless you pay.

Luckily for you I have done some research for you and would like to suggest the use of "NutCache". If you can afford and are willing to pay the monthly fee for something like QuickBooks then I recommend that you do. If however you are looking for a free option I highly recommend NutCache.

NutCache is essentially a online platform for project management, that comes with a built in system for invoicing and sales management. It even allows you to create a company profile in which you can add your logo. 

The only catch is that you may not have more than 5 registered people who can access the account. 

I hope that you find these 2 tools that I have mentioned useful in helping you along your journey towards becoming a professional speaker.

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