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Published on Monday, December 4, 2017

The Audience Comes First...

The most likely reason you are not being invited back to deliver speeches

"If your clients have the money to spend...
And they need what you are offering...
But they're still not buying what you're offering...
Even though it would be good for them to do so...
Then the problem lies in a single word: Perceptions

- Douglas Kruger

Those are very wise words from one of the best professional speakers in the business.

Many of us professional speakers have the mindset that we have this brilliant message or speech that the world needs to hear. Even worse, we are so convinced that our clients will love it so much that we will be booked till kingdom come!

Then it happens... The silence... No body calls you back to deliver that speech, and you wonder why?

If your clients have the perception that you are not worth the hype as a speaker, then you have a serious challenge. Fortunately there is a solution.

The logic is fairly simple... If you want to have a happy client, you need to meet their expectations. If you want extatic over the moon clients then you have to exceed their expectations

But therein lies the issue... How would you ever know what set of expectations you need to meet in order to have happy clients, if you don't ask them?

This has got to be one of the biggest speech killers, delivering a speech without knowing whom your audience is, or what their needs and expectations are.

So the next time that you come up with a killer speech idea, first make sure that you fully analyse your audience and then craft your message to suit their needs. When you take this approach you will have audience members feeling as though you spoke to them directly and that your message was meant especially just for them.

As a professional speaker, never forget that "It's not about you... It's all about your audience..."

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